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For World Mental Health Day, Renaissance Harborne were kind enough to share some simple tips to support mental health and wellbeing.

To see each of the tips in full visit the Harborne Village website!

  1. Often we become fixated on certain parts of life, such as family or work. Try to see yourself holistically so that you can also attend to your physical side, mental well-being, intellectual, spiritual, leisure, fun or community.
  1. Try and treat yourself with compassion rather than criticism. Think more in terms of the carrot rather than the stick. You might actually find you become more productive this way too!
  1. In terms of relationships with others, beware of self-sacrificing too much in a well-intentioned way. Experiment with boundaries and direct communication to get your needs met too.
  1. If anxiety is living in the future and depression is living in the past, then it makes sense that mindfulness is the antidote to both. Grounding, meditation or even just carrying out daily activities mindfully can help to lower stress levels and to keep problems in perspective.

Renaissance are based on Station Road and can be found at:

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