Keep your eyes peeled this summer for The Swarm, a secret art installation trail popping up in lots of lovely Harborne shop windows this summer! Talented local artist Luke Thrush (co-owner of Hedge) will be flying around Harborne and hand painting the little creatures on to shop windows around the High Street. Your challenge is to find one, take a picture of it and post the pic to social media using the hashtag #beeinharborne. Make sure you also tag us in (@HarborneVillage). One lucky winner will win an annual family membership to the Botanical Gardens!


Why are we welcoming so many bees on to our High Street, you may ask? To raise awareness on how important these lovely yellow little things are to us and the planet!


Why should we save the bees? Well… did you know that bees are the main source of pollination and therefore responsible for keeping our planet green?! This helps future plant generations grow, which in turn not only helps our farm crops growing, but also , along with filling our farms with crops and putting food on our plates. Bees are so important that 1 out of every 3 or 4 bites of food we eat is thanks to our buzzing friends!


Bees use nectar to make honey too but this nectar also feeds the colony over the cold winter months so make sure you buy the local stuff wherever possible. Fun fact: every pound of honey is a result of bees visiting TWO MILLION flowers, as well as flying 55,000 miles! That’s some serious bizzy business!


If the truth bee told though, we still need to do as much as we can to help out these little buzzy friends of ours. What is killing the majority of them off? Global warming/pesticides/habitat loss & parasites to name a few. But what can we do ourselves right now to prevent the decline in our lil honeys?


A simple task we can do is to feed them! Popular choices are blackberries / raspberries / strawberries / honeysuckle / rhododendron / sage & sunflowers. Don’t forget to give them water too. All you need is a bucket filled with clean water and corks for them to land on.


We’re doing our bit in Harborne with the Harborne Urban Garden Project… you can read more about that here.
When you know how to save the bees, you can also save the planet and the human species!
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