With the global concern about depleting insect numbers, the BID has gathered together a group of like-minded volunteers to help make Harborne Village more environmentally responsible. The brainchild of Rachel Perry of Hedge on Lonsdale Road the Harborne Urban Garden project, HUG for short (yes, we thought that was kind of cute too) is showing its love of all things buzzy and fluttery by planting areas of the High Street with wildflowers and good pollinators to keep our tiny friends happy.

HUGgers have been identifying spots where we can add some wildflowers and they plan to “grow” the project year on year.  The first project was the bed outside Sainsbury’s and the tree bases in that same area which have been planted up with Cornflowers, Poppies, Scabia, Cosmos, Purple Sage, Chives and Lavender amongst other things, and 2 trees have been seeded so we await their glory as the summer goes on.

Keeping with the insect friendly theme the HUG project has now worked with company Plantscape to do things differently with the railing boxes.  Completely moving away from the usual planting you see around the city, HUG specified the plants used to ensure they’d be beneficial to our bee and insect community and we think you’ll agree, the result is stunning!!

How wonderful to pretty up this urban environment whilst helping the Harborne insects!

If you would like to get involved with the HUG please contact hello@harborne-village.com

Together we can make a difference.

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