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If you’re working from home and your business premises are empty for the time being, we recommend conducting a security risk assessment by following the tips below to ensure you’re as protected as you possibly can be. In addition to this, we have also shared a blog post on Top 10 Tips for Closed Business Premises.

  • Strong Password Policy

Use a strong password for all devices and social media accounts. Change default passwords on all your devices when initially installed (especially your Wi-Fi router at home or any Internet of Things devices you may have) and consider using password managers to store and protect your passwords.

  • 2FA

Turn on the two-factor authentication setting on all your accounts and devices.

  • VPN

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect and encrypt the data you send or receive. It will also scan devices for malicious software.

  • Software Update

Set all your devices and apps to download and install updates automatically to ensure that any crucial fixes are not missed and the risk of your devices being infected with malware is reduced.

  • Back Up

To safeguard your most important personal data and information, back them up to an external hard drive or cloud-based storage system.

  • Phishing Emails

Cyber criminals are targeting people and businesses with fake emails about the coronavirus. Phishing emails may appear genuine but are embedded with a virus that could compromise your device, as well as manipulate you into sharing personal or financial information.

  • Install Anti-Virus

Install and activate anti-virus software on all your devices, preferably set it to update automatically. This will help you to run a complete scan of your system and check for any malware infections.

  • Safe Online Browsing

Only visit trusted websites especially when online shopping. Keep an eye out for websites that have a padlock sign in the address bar, as this shows that the connection and your personal information (e.g. credit card information) is encrypted and secure.

  • Social Media 

It is important to review the privacy, password and security settings for all your social media accounts to ensure they are as secure as possible. 

  • Communication

Maintain contact with your team, as it is easy to feel isolated or lose focus when working at home.

Many thanks to Secured by Design, the Police Digital Security Centre and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office for putting together these tips.

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