About the Company

Who are we?  Launched operations in 1983 – in the very early days when Personal Computers were big and bulky – we set out to provide a supply, installation, maintenance and warranty repair service centre for the manufacturers at the time.  So we have seen some really big changes in the brands, products and performance of the devices over the years and have kept up with the expertise required to provide our end user and business customers today with the same level of service with a personal touch – a much sought after commodity today.

Where are we?  We’re located at the offices on 11 High Street in Harborne – right opposite the Green Man Pub and a few doors along from the Plough Pub towards the traffic lights.  This is an ideal location to serve our local customer base from.

What do we offer?  We have a comprehensive PC and Laptop repair facility to satisfy the needs of individual users and the business community in addition to supply, installation and support of PCs, Laptops, and network infrastructure equipment.  With the comms providers planning to switch away from regular phone and fax lines, we’re already geared up to provide the latest VoIP solutions suitable for various users and businesses.  And so that we can be your one-stop shop for everything IT, we can also provide your printer supplies, e.g. A4 paper, ink and toner cartridges, etc and other accessories like USB memory sticks, iPad cases, etc

Who benefits?  Our customers range from small & medium businesses in various professions, to individual users ranging from the very young to the seniors.  Most useful for everyone is our service where we can help people get off the ground with personalised training on how to use the equipment for the specific needs.  Experienced advisors are always at hand to discuss your needs.

What next?  Come and talk to us and see if we can help.  You’ll meet a really friendly bunch of people

Why are you based in Harborne? Harborne’s a really great place to be in

What do you love most about Harborne?  The people, the shopping and our wonderful customers

What makes your business unique?  We provide a comprehensive IT service – from new systems, installations, high quality repair services or just advice on Technology matters – including personalised IT training

Tell us something people don’t know about you.  We’re a treasure trove of skills & looks 😊

What is your hidden talent?  Very experienced technicians – and a personal service

Who is your biggest inspiration?  Difficult choice between Nelson Mandela & Richard Branson

What one thing couldn’t you live without?  Our Oxygen are our fantastic customers


Company Overview
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